New from Baker Built Polaris Slingshot Windshield and Side Wings

Our newest item from Baker Built is our Polaris Slingshot Windshield Wings and the Polaris Slingshot Side Wings for the slingshots with a top. We heard that the cockpit of the slingshot was absolutely burning hot from the engine heat and lack of air movement. We wanted to come up with an item that the customers would love. We finally came up with our Windshield Wings. A simple quick easy design to bring air into the cockpit when needed and can be closed to deflect the air away when cold and rainy. The Windshield Wings have an aluminum powder coated clamp using set screws clamps onto the existing windshield on both passenger and driver side allowing you to mount and remove with no troubles at all. This design is mainly because we know just how hard it is to “drill” into your beloved bike and we too understand this. So with these clamps you just clamp on/off leaving no marks. These are easily adjusted so that you can turn the wings in towards or away from rider and co-rider so that you can bring more air in or deflect the air and rain away. Then we noticed people started having roofs/tops mounted onto their Slingshots and then heard they was even hotter than before. Now because of the bar to the roof our Windshield Wings no longer would work or fit. So we did some designing and came out with the Polaris Slingshot Side Wings for the roof/top. These are limited to the most common roofs that we see out in the market Twist Dynamics. These Side Wings clamp onto the side post of the roof again requires absolutely no drilling making it easy to take the wings on and off. Also again these are easily adjusted so that you can direct/deflect the air in and away from rider and passenger. If you haven’t seen them visit us online at check them out and see just how great these work. If you have any questions left feel free to contact us at or 1-800-451-9464. We look forward to being able to help make your time out on the road as comfortable as possible. Thanks for reading! Check back soon for updates and other products.