Need your thoughts.

We are needing customers input on a possible product we have come up with. This is a handicap lift modified to fit a Polaris Slingshot. Owner of Baker Built Bruce Baker modified this lift so that his wife could go riding once again. Barb Baker had a stroke and was limited to a wheelchair before she passed away this fall. Bruce purchased the Slingshot because of its bucket seats being side by side allowing him to take Barb out for rides again. Because of her limited mobility it would be difficult to get her in and out of the Slingshot, Bruce adapted a medical lift to fit onto the back of the Slingshot along with a wheelchair rack. This allowed Bruce to sit Barb into the seats much easier and safer on her body. Our question for the customers is would this be something we should market or forget about? We understand the market would be very limited but is it something that could sell? Please feel free to reply here or give us your feedback via email at

Thank you for your time.